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Zótico - Fashion

Zótico Fashion

El Salvador should be proud to have a man like Mario Rodríguez in its history

El Salvador should be proud to have a man like Mario Rodríguez in its history



Zotikos. Original Greek from Zoticus. A Latinized form of the Greek name Ζωτικος (Zotikos), derived from ζωτικος (zotikos) meaning "full of life, vital, vivacious". 

Zótico aims to provide the public with designs that are full of life. Our goal is to always create items that have a soul. We dream of garments that aren’t just another piece of apparel in your wardrobe. We want our pieces to become personal treasures that have endless emotional value for the customer. We are inspired by individuals who do not take clothing too seriously and who see design as opportunity to live in constant growth. However, our biggest inspiration is the mere fact that we get to do what we love in life, Fashion and Art. All of our dreams and goals give us the enthusiasm to wake up and keep going forward every day. It is beyond inspiring to think of life’s endless possibilities. Dreams become limitless when hard work and compromise are also part of the recipe. 

We are all born as part of the world of design. Whether we realize it or not, from the day we are born we are surrounded by items, systems, and customs that have been designed by someone. Design is everywhere. The only difference is that some of us are aware of what we consume. (Even though this conscious decision could be considered a marketing design). Design is complicated in that aspect, it is almost impossible to escape it. Nonetheless, we all have the power to contribute to this infinite process of designing everything around us. There is a phrase I love that states that“ We remember the past, live in the present, and write the future”, and that is what design is to us, a tool to try to leave the world a bit better that how we found it.

Zotico will create special edition shirts, stay in tune if you want to contribute.

We met the traditional way: online. Mario has become a pilar for He is taleneted in many aspects, and I am very proud to call him a friend.
— Herman M. Duarte