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San Canessa ART

San Canessa ART

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SAN.BLACK is a visionary artist from El Salvador. Their main interest is exploring the senses and creating a narrative between color , gesture and sound; exploring the senses/self through the arts: somatic, visual, literature, edible and compositions. Inspired by geometrical, neoplastic, organic, gestural paintings, gestural and contemporary dance, and transpersonal studies, SAN aspires to create a perfomance-spiritual narrative, through the union of the auditory-visual sense, and the presence of the whole body.

SAN was a candidate of Fine Arts at Cornish College of the Arts, 2009-2010, and received a Bachelor of Sciences in Interdisciplinary and Neurodiversity Studies from the California Institute of Integral Studies in 2013.

SAN's research of color, gesture and sound comes from experiences developed from an immersion of sound in the Peruvian Amazons, San Francisco and New York dance scenes, specifically a 5 Rhythms practice, and the research of neurological variants in San Francisco. SAN has participated in auctions and held exhibitions/showcases in New York, Florida and El Salvador since 2015.

“In a time of chaos I believe that silence, not the absence of sound, but presence in silence, will come as we use the chaos around us to harvest shapes, images, and meaning. "

First time I met her, she was with Venus. I knew she was special right away (association principle deduction). Its been over 10-12 years but our seed of friendship did not blossom until some years ago, when she helped me with her magical insight and deepness. A sea of wisdom portrayed in duARTe+. Thank you Sandra.
— Herman M. Duarte

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