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Ross de Bouillon G

Experience. Passion and Creativity.

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Ross will run the blog on STD´s to give technical points of views of the different sexually transmitted deseases.

Ross de Bouillon G, Consultant

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Ross E. de Bouillon is a biotechnology engineer who's main interest is on biomedical engineering; with the participation on several seminars and courses related to cancer and cell research, preclinical trials, tissue engineering and nanobiotechnology.


Biotechnology Engineering
Thesis: Chitosan nanoparticle synthesis as a potential antibiotic release system. 


The "Empathy" Award. The empathy award is given to those invidivuals who strech themselves to the point of showing a remarkable and significant compromise to the LGBTI cause. Ross was crutial for the procedure at the Interamerican Commission of Human Rights, as he displayed professionalism, committment and true passion for LGBTI rights. His role included the coordination of a report on the Apollogy of Hate.


Investigations and workshops participations.

1- Evaluation of the cytotoxic effect of an aqueous Jatropha curcas extract on a lung cancer cell line [NCI-H460 [H460] (ATCC® HTB177™)]. Advanced Techniques of Cell Biology. Tecnológico de Costa Rica.

2- Molecular Biology - Medical Emphasis - Universidad de Costa Rica

3- Experimental Design and Statistics with Emphasis on Pre-clinical Trials - Adela Rosenkranz, Ph.D. Universidad de Buenos Aires - Universidad de Costa Rica

4- 22nd Advances in Tissue Engineering Short Course at Rice University BioScience Research Collaborative, Houston, Texas - August 13-16, 2014 []

5- Animal Cell Culture Fundamentals - Tecnológico de Costa Rica.

6- 7th International workshop on Green Chemistry and Nanotechnologies in Polymer Chemistry - Laboratorio Nacional de Nanotecnología (CeNAT-LANOTEC)

7- Chitosan nanoparticles synthesis as a potencial antibiotic release system. CeNAT-LANOTEC-TEC