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Paula Siverino Bavio

Experience. Passion and Creativity.

Dra. Paula Siverino Bavio, Special Consultant

Arbitration-Costa Rica  Gender identity human rights


President of the Ethics Committee of the Criminology Laboratory. CISEPA / PUCP (Peru)

Member of the Steering Committee of Biolaw Journal, University of Trento (It.)

Member of the Association of Legal Bioethics Argentina

Member of the Peruvian Institute of Constitutional Law

Member of BIORED

Former member of the Peruvian Society of Gynecology and Obstetrics, member of the Committee on Sexual and Reproductive Rights

Founder of the Bioethics Commission of the Bar Association of the Federal Capital.

Member of the Peruvian Association of Bioethics


Researcher, lecturer and consultant lawyer, expert in Legal Bioethics and Human Rights. Co-writer of several books about bioethics. Author of more than 90 articles on these subjects. As an academic expert I have a strong committed work  for more than fifteen years in the promotion, developing and teaching of Human Rights Bioethics, Women’s Rights and LGBTI’s Rights in Latin America, training lawyers, judges and health professionals mainly.

Since 2000 more than eighty lectures on sexual and reproductive rights, sexual diversity rights, development and bioethics in Italy, Costa Rica, Peru, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Uruguay.


PHD in Law.  Thesis on “The foundation of the right to sexual identityin the Argentinian jurisprudence between 1966 and 2012”, directed by Dr. Julio César Rivera, Summa Cum Laude

Interdisciplinary Master in Audiovisual Communication Services.  
Intensive Postgraduate Course in Modern Issues on Constitutional Law, July 2003
Bachelor Degree at Law (1998). Lawyer orientation in Public International Law graduated with honors (June 2000).


HEAD CABINET OF MINISTERS OF THE ADMINISTRATION OF THE ARGENTINE REPUBLIC (Jefatura de Gabinete de Ministros- Presidencia de la Nación Argentina). Especialized Legal Advisor, from 2013 to date

a)     Management Office and Desk of Protocolorization, 2015. Tasks: Text and legal correction of administrative acts signed by the Chief of Cabinet.

b)     Undersecretary for Institutional Reform and Strengthening of Democracy. Coordination of the Executive Committee to Combat Trafficking and Trafficking Prevention and Victim Assistance, 2014. Tasks: Report Writing for the Chief of Cabinet; as a member of the Executive Coordination Committee to Combat Trafficking, designed the National Anti- Trafficking Programme Project; preparation of material to combat trafficking. 

c)     Office of Joint Strategic Coordination: specialized legal adviser in charge of coordination in the area of ublic health and bioethics, 2014

d)     Coordination Office (Head Cabinet of Ministers). Especialized Legal Adviser, 2013. Tasks: Preparing reports on the implementation of  Audiovisual Communication Service Bill


Communication consultant, corporate policy and legal adviser. (Perú)


Consultant, trainer and Member of the Committee on Sexual and Reproductive Rights. (Perú)

PRODIVERSITAS (Pan American Program in Defense and Development of Biological, Culturaland Social Diversity 2011-2012)

President of Chapter PRODIVERSITAS Perú. Task: Management and consultant activities. Monitoring legal projects related to transgenic and ancient knowledge. Promoting research on biodiversity.  Leading a team of five to ten law students and young lawyers. (Perú)


Consultant, trainer on Sexual and Reproductive Rights, Human Rights and Bioethics. (Perú).


Consultant / Organizer. Development of design documents for the axes of the II International Congress of Reproductive Rights, San Jose, Costa Rica, November 2011.


Consultant. Design, organization and implementation of a workshop on Conscientious Objection in the II International Congress of Reproductive Rights, San Jose, Costa Rica, November 2011 together with Dr. Luis Távara.

PROMSEX, 2010 to date

External consultant on Bioethics, Women, Sexual Diversity, Health and Human Rights. Training for judges, nurses and physicians; writing papers and bills; advocacy; impact litigation and advice and communication. Currently working on a Sexual Identity Law for Perú. (Perú)


Founder and Director of the Observatory of Bioethics and Law, leading a team of 5 to 30 people. The Observatory promoted research on gender, bioethics and human rights and had a coaching and mentoring program for female law students, to empower and prepare them for leading roles in society. It also took position and started the process of openness to sensitive public and political issues like sexual diversity, contraception and abortion in a conservative country, from a Law School. As Director of the Observatory participated in UNESCO/ Latin American Net of Bioethics rounds of experts and articulated a common agenda with different decision makers in Peru and South America, leveraging a network of senior contacts.  As lecturer or panelist at national or international Congresses developed an intensive inter institutional activity with major centers and institutions of Latin America. The Observatory promoted and organized several international courses on Human Rights and shared experiences with similar institutes from Brazil and Chile. 

MINISTRY OF FINANCE - FINANCE INTERNAL AUDIT UNIT (Government of the City of Buenos Aires). 2006

 Auditor. Tasks: making reports, planning and managment. Organizational and internal control of proceadures, realización de reportes de situación, tareas de planeamiento, organización y control interno dentro de los organismos del gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires 

DELIBERATIVE COUNCIL OF VICENTE LOPEZ, Province of Buenos Aires, 2005-2006

Legal Secretary of a legislative group of councilors (Secretaria de Bloque). Tasks: political consultant, design of strategies and building alliances. Chief Legal Advisor. Member of the commissions of budget, human rights and public health. Personal on charge: 4 (Argentina

FOUNDATION ITALIA IN THE AMERICAS. (Fondazione Italia Nelle Americhe)    2005

Spokesperson, responsible for communication and liaison with embassies and Gubernamental agencies (Montevideo, Uruguay). 

DEPARTMENT OF THE WOMAN- Government of the City of Buenos Aires, Forum for  Reproductive Rights, 2001-2002

External Advisor (Argentina).

ATTORNEY AT LAW, 2000-2006.

Impact litigation on sexual diversity and sexual identity, human rights, right to health, HIV and sexual and reproductive health. (Argentina)