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Igualitos.as, the equal rights movement in El Salvador that fights impunity with inclusion, using the tools of litigation, public opinion and technical debate.  

Igualitos.as, founded by Mr. Duarte in December 2016, is the only organization in all Latin America that in only three months of existence has presented 4 high impact legal actions: at the interamerican human rights system and at a constitutional level in El Salvador.  

None of those areas would be complete  if we don't return anything to the societies we are connected to, as the equal rights movement in El Salvador,IGUALITOS.AS, is currently funded and powered by HD-Lex. Other strategic partner from IGUALITOS.AS. are the online marketing agency: Pivot & Pilot and John Keilheaur

We also thank  Dr. John Corvino, Dr. Evan Wolfson from Freedom to Marry, William Hernández from Entre Amigos, Cruz Torres from the Secretaria de Inclusión Social and Karla Avelar from COMCAVIS TRANS for all their advise, trust and empathy.