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About Igualitos Foundation

Igualitos Foundation

The Latin American Foundation for the Promotion and Protection of the Rights of the LGBTI Population - Igualitos Foundation - arises from the idea that, in a constitutional State of law, all people are equal regardless of race, sex, religion or sexual orientation . That is why it is proposed that civil institutions offered by a democratic state, should be accessible to all people. This is in application of the legal principles that regulate human rights in democracies: respect for minorities, progression of rights, promotion of plurality, secularism of the State, as well as equality of dignity of all people.

The Igualitos foundation was set up to eradicate discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. To achieve these objectives, the Foundation relies on strategic litigation, public opinion and scientific research.

To date, the following incident actions have been carried out:

1. Equal Marriage Claim in El Salvador