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It is not only about legal aspects that we care about. It is about life and all its complexities.

We are not an usual Law Firm, we are more than a firm.  The center of all activity is the human being. Humans get impacted by experiences and sometimes, those experiences limit our potential to achieve or dreams and reach out to higher goals. 

Coaching persons that range 18-75 years of age; ranging from all professions, social levels; going from biotech scientist to olympic gold medallists; an expert about human relationships- ironic of course - is one of the aspects he does in helping others. 

A mixed technique going from Emotional biodecoding, regression and other psychological aspects. 

This is usually a free of charge service, usually for people who have passed a serious traumatic experience and needs some advice. 

Mucha gente me dice que se siente triste, que se siente deprimida o aburrida, que busca viajar para despegarse o alejarse de una realidad que la tiene en estado neutral... después se dan cuenta que ni aún viajando se logra liberar de esa sensación que llena de tantos grises a los colores de la vida. Yo también me he sentido así en algunas ocasiones. ¿Qué se puede hacer ante esto? los éxitos son siempre momentáneos y siempre se buscan más y más. La vida es momentánea, en un instante se pierde, se cambia, es tan frágil como el vidrio o tan débil como una rama que esta a punto de quebrarse, pero a la vez es una gran oportunidad todos los días, cualquier día de la día se puede cambiar la vida de una persona... con una sonrisa, un abrazo, un gesto de amor, hay tantos heroes discretos en la vida cotidiana que ni siquiera nos damos cuenta: la madrina que enseña inglés a su sobrino, la mamá que despierta a las 5 am para hacer la lonchera a su hijo, el padré que maneja para dejar a su hijo al colegio y que se tiene que aguantar un tráfico de horas para llegar al trabajo; la abuela que cuenta la misma historia, pero que tiene un nieto que la ve con ojos de amor y alegría; el hermano que perdona; los tíos que aceptan y toleran; El conserje que es ejemplo de humildad y alegría; la señora que pone agua en las oficinas antes que lleguen los titulares de los despachos... hay cosas hermosas todos los días, cada día es un nuevo día para inventarse de nuevo, para salir adelante y para recordarse que el paso que tenemos en esta vida es corto y más vale hacer algo significativo para mejorar la vida de los demás y no para empeorarlas. Para pedir perdón y para perdonar. Para reir y para amar.  - HD


""I did this therapy with Herman in february 2017. At this time, I was feeling narrow : in my life, I was choosing things, people and situations without any confidence or strength. I was half happy, half conscious of what I was living. Convinced that I didn’t have any worth, actually. 

The therapy seems to be simple… But it’s very intense and deep. It was a one way trip to my old emotions, I visited myself thanks to Herman’s questions, sentences, trying to release all that I was hanging on, which was costing me a lot of energy. 
I liberated my words. For two hours, I felt accompanied with benevolence, and cried a lot. 

Thanks to Herman and this therapy, my life now evolve with a very different look and a different way. I feel free from my « old demons », as we say in french. I surround myself with the « good » people, friends and acquaintances that spread the energy that I perfectly need. For that, I don’t do anything : I welcome my feelings every day, and follow my instincts. I make choices. I feel responsible about myself. This therapy is an opened door leading to our personality. This sincere personality leads us to the most delicious reality. 

I would, for sure, advice everyone to experience it." Julien Gailledrat, France


"Herman really has a gift for listening and understanding to people. He is an exceptional human being, always in search of excellence and a specialist in transmitting peace and happiness. Personally, Herman has helped me a lot to improve in different aspects of my life. He is an excellent friend and a great inspiration. - Oscar Herrera, Guatemala.

"Herman is an awesome guy, who is both inspiring professionally and as a person." Andreas Laustsen, biotech industry leader in Europe, ranked as 30 under 30 by Forbes, Denmark. 

"Herman .. the tropical lawyer .. the crème de la crème : the more I opened up to him .. the more he opened up to me and we had great and deep conversations .. I love Herman's humor." Bastien Ernst, Social Marketing Guru, Vienna. 

" What can I say, Herman is one of the most interesting guys I've met so far, especially for intense talks about life, politics and his very interesting work! You have to meet him to know more about this :) "   LEON Eckhart, Medicine student, Germany.

Herman, there are an endless amount of good things to say about this wonderful, outgoing, happy, social, funny and loving person." Anders Karlsson, Investment Banker from Sweden 

"Herman is the funniest person i have never met!  always positive, shinny, crazy and nice." Louise Reboul, Architect, France

Herman is extraordinary special... In the right way trust me !!  He always listen to people, he is very undertsanding and has a very big opened heart. He has many stories and anecdotes to share, I think Herman is, as you say, "one of a kind" I would not forget the time i spent with you my friend... OH NO !." Sebastien Maurel, constant nomad, France.

"Herman is an amazing, inspiring, intelligent and kind person...", Love Lyssarides, politic, Sweden.