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HD- Inclusion & Equality Index

DIVERSITY promotes better workplaces

Managing a diverse workforce contributes to staff retention and productivity. It enhances our organization's responsiveness to an increasingly diverse world of customers, improves relations with the surrounding community, increases our ability to cope with change, and expands the creativity of our organization. In addition to supporting these business goal.

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Diversity: Variety of abilities, skills, experiences and cultural backgrounds, in all stakeholders.

Inclusion: To value and leverage differences to achieve superior results.

The Main Objective of the Certification is: To promote the adoption and implementation of business policies best practices in Latin American companies that encourage the inclusion and equality of employees at all levels, seeking to create a work environment characterized by respect as a framework for organizational development.

We care about making your workplace better, more adaptable, more empathic and make everyone feel better. People who feel better are more productive and creates a better atmosphere for everyone on in it. We are aware about the thousands of certifications currently out there however, we are the one of the few certifications that have  a solid proof of being a significant way to measure where your company is, in terms of inclusion and equality, and we can help you reach the next step for creating a better world, and to do that, you have to start from your own world: York work place. Let us help you.

Not only because we are experts in the topic, but also because by hiring our consulting team, you give us the possibilty to keep creating social changes that create better conditions for LGBTI population. 

If you are interested in our workshops, introductions to the topic and how to get the diversity "HD-LEX-White-Fox" certification.