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HD- Cyber Security Consulting

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Many companies' security flaws put their professional reputation and customers at risk. That is why this legal practice arises to help the nascent entrepreneur as the company established with years of experience, and wants to test their computer systems and data security protection.

  • Telephone anonymizing system using an app on the phone or with an IP phone.
  • Automation of responses through services of ip telephone plants, pre-recorded call systems and automatic sms
  • Analysis of networks and firewalls and proposal of solutions.
  • Encryption of files, systems and databases
  • Firewall Vulnerability Analysis
  • Vulnerability analysis of systems and databases
  • Website analysis, website security to be able to block external and internal attacks


Multidisciplinary approach is the key for success

HD-Lex provides comprehensive legal advice through a diverse team from different backgrounds, cultures and professions - economists, lawyers, mathematicians, historians, philosphers- with a high technical level, with a passion for intellectual development through Academia, involvement in business life and with sufficient impact to be opinion makers.

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