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Gerardo Gomez ART

Gerardo Gómez ART

A genious at work: Gerardo Gómez

A genious at work: Gerardo Gómez


This rebel was born with a cause: make a significant impact. His talent is totally natural-just like his hair- as everything he knows and teaches has been self taught. You can have a coffee with Gerardo and he will switch topics from Art to philosophy or he will simply listened. 

He supports his family with his work: her grandmother and mother; and has challenged the status quo in El Salvador by showing that when you have passion for something, it is possible to make a significant life. His themes represent his unlimited and livid imagination and  the ludacriss daily life of El Salvador.

We are excited to anounce that he, just like Leticia, will be participating in the process of creating 10 unique pieces with a social justice theme. 

Some of her work below:


When I saw his work 7 years ago, I knew I had to meet him. Gerardo is a true masterpiece: humble, talented and always ready to help others. It is an honor to have him at the hduARTe+ project.
— Herman M. Duarte