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Founding Partner - Herman M. Duarte

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        Herman M. DUARTE, Founder

Herman M. Duarte arbitration and human rights lawyer



Speaking engagements. 

Speaker in over 60 law conferences addressing topics such as: international arbitration, psychological analysis of arbitration and LGBT rights; in 8 Latin American countries (Argentina, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, México, Nicaragua, Peru, Uruguay) the United States of America, and 3 European countries (Sweden, France, England).


Media Presence

Presence in over 150 articles in world media. Dont believe us? ask google.

I am a litigation lawyer (Arbitration, Public State, criminal, commercial and labor) based in Costa Rica who is focused on results, who is highly dynamic, extremely practical and with an intense character. I am also an advocate for the inclusion of LGBTI population in Latin America.

I am the Founder HDuarte-LEX, a boutique arbitration and human rights law firm which offers a full range of legal services to help businesses grow and deal with their litigious aspects of their companies. HDuarte-LEX is the legal arm of Fundación Igualitos, the NGO I founded to promote equal marriage and non discrimination for LGBT population.

In almost a decade of career, I have had the opportunity to work with arbitration teams under the complementary rules of ICSID, as well as in dozens of cases related to public and commercial law branch in judicial office in Costa Rica. As well as commercial cases in national and international arbitrations in Costa Rica.

Feel free to reach out, I am always happy to help in solving problems or promoting high impact events on different topics such as the Rule of Law, Arbitration, Human Rights, Psychology Applied to the Law among other aspects. My email is 

- OUT-Standing TOP 50 LGBT + Future Leaders presented by the FINANCIAL TIMES
- Chambers & Partners Global Guide inclusion in the Dispute Resolution category  for Costa Rica (2017, 2018) and Corporate/Commercial of El Salvador (2018).
- "Outstanding Alumni" ICAL Alumni Association (Stockholm University)
- Co-author of the book "El País Que Viene"
- "Promoter of freedom of expression" by the Prensa Gráfica, the most important newspaper in El Salvador.