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HD-Corporate & Labor


A solution ideal for companies that needs advice on their day-to-day services for a smooth operation of their companies  

Corporate solutions

Covers services regarding Corporate Governance, anticorruption and anti-bribery assesment,creation of ethic codes and everything related to the correct administration of a corporation. 

Commercial Solutions

Managers need access to high quality and practical legal advice to deal with their daily commercial operations whether with providers, suppliers or consumers. In Hduarte-LEX we specialize in this aspects, fulfilling the standards of our clients and going beyond that by assuring to protect their interests at all times. 

Labor Law Solutions

And of course, last but not least, it is crutial for companies to have a trusted legal advisor to know what steps can they take towards their employees, in particular with the implementation of the new procedural labour reform in Costa Rica. HDUARTE-LEX provides top legal quality advise for companies on  their day to day coordination with their employees.