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Bioethics deals with topics such as research and experimentation involving human and animal participants, cloning, stem cell research, genetic testing, medicines that prolong life and nanomedicine and neuroethics. Nanomedicine is the science of molecular nanotechnology, which manipulates human molecules to maintain and improve human health. Neuroethics is the use of neuroimaging technology, such as MRIs, to evaluate and predict certain diseases and capabilities. 

Bioethics also covers issues such as self-determination, euthanasia, eugenic sterilization, the individual' right to decide when to decline medical treatment and sustenance, the right to die, abortion issues, and other similar issues.

Bioethical considerations involve complex moral evaluation of when life begins, when and how it should progress and end. Legislation may be necessary to ensure use of these emerging technologies and research data is handled in a responsible manner.

Legal Bioethics is an innovative field of legal practice, where it turns out to be an ideal interdisciplinary tool to deal with complex cases.

One of its objectives is to protect those involved in a medical-care relationship. This allows, for example, the design of medical or biological care protocols, informed consent and is the most comprehensive approach to prevent and minimize the risks arising from medical practice in fields as challenging as assisted human reproduction.

The firm attends complaints from users of the health system and from this new area, we can work with clinics, hospitals, laboratories and research centers to evaluate, monitor and elaborate documents and policies to prevent damages derived from the healthcare activity.