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We are a boutique company that offers solutions considering the needs of our clients, regardless of whether they are individuals, national companies, multinational companies or other law firms that require the assistance of a specialist in arbitration and complex litigation for specific aspects of the process or for a process Specific, we invite you to work together.

What kind of services?

We are willing to advise, accompany, plan, react and execute procedural strategies to maximize the chances of success in complex litigation matters.

  • From the representation of a party in complex litigation from start to finish;
  • To occasional advice in the elaboration of a contract (yes, the arbitration clauses are the genesis of all the problems),
  • Drafting of letters prior to an arbitration,
  • Drafting of demands,
  • Preparation of trial hearings,
  • Exceptions of incompetence,
  • High impact presentations for opening hearings or conclusions are some of the services we provide in the practice of complex litigation and arbitration.
  • We are open to advise on specific aspects such as: jurisdictional issues, valuation of damages, definition of strategies, preparation of oral hearings or writing of claims.

What does it cost to hire HDuarte-LEX?

Like everything in this life, depends. In HDUARTE-LEX we have a commitment to the people in need, with those in problems that require a helping hand and for everyone who provides an improvement to the world, most of our work is pro bono, so we invite you to contact us, so we can have a  meeting and talk without compromise.

"Herman Duarte specialises in handling complex litigation and arbitration. Clients say: "He has great attention to detail and is very pleasant to work with." He is qualified to practise in both El Salvador and Costa Rica, and offers significant expertise relating to Salvadoran law." Chambers & Partners, Global Guide 2017